49's Terms and Conditions (Effective from 26th June 2017)

49's Terms and Conditions (Effective from 26th June 2017)

49's Terms and Conditions

49’s By The Football Pools Limited

Effective from 26th June 2017





A fixed odds wager whereby the Customer selects numbers between 1 and 49 to match the numbers selected in the Draw.


Betting Slip

A pre-printed official form produced and made available by TFP upon which the Customer indicates the choice of numbers for the Bet(s), the Draw(s) to which such Bet(s) relates, the total Stake(s) payable and the method of payment.

Bonus Number(s)

The number(s) chosen by the Customer to make up a total selection on their Betting Slip of 6 which, if all matched in the Draw, will entitle the Customer to (a share of) the £1m Bonus Prize. No additional Stake is required to be paid for Bonus Numbers.


Any person who places a Bet, which for these purposes, means the individual who is named on the Betting Slip or, in the case of entry via the Website, the person in whose name the “Player Account” is registered.


The first 6 numbers between 1 and 49 inclusive drawn by “49’s” in its evening draw (currently scheduled to commence at approximately 5pm) on Saturday and Wednesday or any other Draw substituted for these days. If for any reason a Draw does not take place, then the Bet will stand for the next available Draw or such other draw as TFP shall select and announce on the Website. The 7th number drawn by “49’s” (“the Booster”, “Bonus Ball”  “Extra”, etc) or any other additional number(s) does not count for the purposes of any Bet.

Means of Entry

The means of transmission by which TFP chooses to accept an Entry from time to time, including (without limitation) by internet, post or by telephone.


The total sum paid by the Customer in respect of a Bet.

The Football Pools Limited (“TFP”)

A company registered in England and Wales with company number 10573569 and whose registered address is at Walton House, Charnock Road, Liverpool, L67 1AA.


The website as referred to in the Means of Entry applicable to a Customer’s Entry. Please refer to the Means of Entry Rules.


The amount payable to a Customer whose choice of Numbers for their Bet matches the numbers drawn in the Draw to which such Bet relates, as calculated in accordance with the odds quoted for such Bet on or via the Means of Entry at the time it was placed.



49’s Limited of London House, 53-54 Haymarket, London, SW1Y, the operator of the 49’s games whose Draws are used for the purposes of the Bet.


£1m Bonus Prize

The sum of £1,000,000, which will become payable to the Customer (or shared equally between Customers if there is more than one winner) whose selection of 6 numbers matches the 6 numbers in the relevant Draw.  The method of payment of the £1m Bonus Prize will be paid by TFP as agreed with such winnings Customer(s) within 14 days.


  1. Bets in relation to each Draw are accepted by TFP. TFP offers a range of Means of Entry whereby Customers can place Bets. The Laws of England including the Gambling Act 2005 apply to these Rules and to all Games conducted under them.
  2. Each Means of Entry will set out the age at which a Customer is allowed to place an Entry.
  3. These Rules govern the operation of the Game, irrespective of the Means of Entry.
  4. TFP reserves the right to amend these Rules without notice and/or suspend its acceptance of Bets in relation to any Draw in the event of war, earthquake, catastrophe strikes or the occurrence of any other event beyond its reasonable control. Furthermore, TFP reserves the right to alter the odds offered at any time and to notify such alteration(s) by such means as TFP considers appropriate.
  5. TFP reserves the absolute right at any time to withdraw this product (or any part of it) and in such circumstances will refund all affected Stakes paid in advance.
  6. Despite every effort to ensure complete accuracy, TFP is not responsible for any typing, human or obvious error which leads to any errors or omissions by TFP, including (without limitation) the incorrect announcement of prizes and results, or the mistaken acceptance of a Bet which contravenes these Rules. If any Bet is affected by such an error it shall be accepted on the basis of the correct information, as corrected by TFP or, if this is not possible, the Bet will be entered on behalf of the relevant Customer into the next Draw.
  7. The Customer is not permitted to call at TFP’s premises to place a Bet.
  8. Save for the £1m Bonus Prize (or any part thereof) the maximum amount which will be paid to any Customer or to any one source shall be dependent upon the amount of Numbers selected (i.e. if 5 Numbers are matched in the Draw, the maximum amount payable will be £50,001; if 4 selections are matched the maximum amount payable will be £7,001; if 3 Numbers are matched the maximum amount payable will be £501; if 2 Numbers are matched the maximum amount payable will be £41.




  1. A Customer selects 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers (“Numbers”). A Customer also then selects a further 4, 3, 2 or 1 different numbers as the Bonus Numbers, such that a total of six numbers has been selected. The Customer, indicates the Draw(s) to which such Bet(s) relates, the total Stake payable in relation to the same and the method of payment and then provides to TFPGL the Betting Slip via on which such information has been included an approved Means of Entry together with the required Stake.
  2. If each Number forecast on the Betting Slip is matched from the first 6 numbers drawn in the Draw, then TFPGL will pay to the Customer the Winnings. In addition, if all 6 numbers (i.e. the Numbers together with the Bonus Number on the Betting Slip) are so matched, the Customer will also be entitled to (a share in) the £1m Bonus Prize (equally divided between all Customers whose 6 numbers match those drawn). Draw numbers will be displayed on the Website.
  3. All Bets via the internet or telephone must be recorded on TFP’s central computer system no less than 15 minutes before the time that the Draw to which it relates is to take place. TFP reserves the right to enter any Bet received after that time into the next available Draw.  Any Bet via post must be recorded on TFP’s central computer system no less than 12 hours before the Draw to which it relates is to take place. Any Bet received by post after such time will not be entered into that Draw but will be entered in the next available Draw.
  4. TFP may refuse to accept any Bet and TFP's decision in relation to the same shall be final.
  5. A Bet will be disqualified and no claim for Winnings will be entertained by TFP where:

(i)    the Bet is not made or does not reach TFP in accordance with these Rules;

(ii)    the Bet is made by or on behalf of an employee, agent or assignee of a company in the Sportech plc group, or anyone acting in concert with such employee, agent or assignee;

(iii)   the Bet is not accompanied by the required Stake;

(iv)   the Bet is made by a person under the age required for the particular Means of Entry;

(v)   the Bet breaches any of these Rules in relation to the Entry or the terms and conditions set out in the Means of Entry; or

(vi) the Bet is ambiguous, illegible or incomprehensible.

  1. All Bets must be submitted with the relevant Stake in order for the Bets stated therein to be valid. No credit will be offered by TFP to the Customer. If the correct and appropriate Stake does not accompany a Betting Slip, that Betting Slip will not be valid.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, TFP has no responsibility and accepts no liability of any kind whatsoever for a Bet (however submitted) or Stakes associated with a Bet until the same are received and accepted by TFP in accordance with these Rules.
  3. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that TFP shall not be under any obligation or responsibility to notify a Customer of a Bet that is invalid or void under these Rules. In such circumstances, the Bet will be entered on behalf of the relevant Customer into the next Draw.

        C. WINNINGS

  1. The means of payment of Winnings shall depend on the Means of Entry. Please see the relevant Means of Entry rules.
  2. Winnings (excluding the £1m Bonus Prize) will usually be paid no later than seven days following the date of the last Match played.
  3. Any query regarding Winnings or in relation to the £1m Bonus Prize should be made within six weeks from the relevant Game Date to which such query relates using the contact details set out in the Means of Entry.


          D. CONDITIONS

  1. TFP may request that any Winnings or the £1m Bonus Prize paid on a void or disqualified Bet shall forthwith be repaid to TFP and the Customer shall promptly make such repayment in the manner specified by TFP.
  2. Any minimum or maximum Stake and the minimum or maximum number of Draws for which Bets can be accepted at the Means of Entry will be published.
  3. If for any reason an incorrect Stake is received by TFP it may at its discretion reject the Bet or accept any underpaid stake and adjust the Winnings (and, if applicable, the £1m Bonus Prize) accordingly.
  4. For example, TFP may accept a Bet wherein the Customer has proffered one half of the minimum stake on both of two selections (thereby making one minimum Stake) and will pay any Winnings based on that half stake. Similarly, if on such a Bet the Customer becomes entitled to (a share in) the £1m Bonus Prize, he will only be entitled to (a share of) one half of the £1m Bonus Prize.
  5. If a Customer fails to choose Bonus Number(s) TFP may select Bonus Number(s) on the Customer’s behalf, but is under no obligation so to do and accepts no liability in the event that it does not.
  6. The results published by 49s for each Draw shall be deemed final and binding on both TFP and Customers for the purposes of determining Customers' entitlement to Winnings (and, if applicable, the £1m Bonus Prize). The drawn numbers are displayed in most licensed betting offices, on the Website, or by calling 08718 778899 (calls cost 10p per minute - mobile tariffs vary).


Please note that by placing a Bet you are not purchasing a ticket for or entering any of the Draws themselves. You are betting on the outcome of these Draws.

  E.£1M Prize Promotion


  1. TFP reserves the right at any time in its sole discretion to cancel, end, withdraw, alter, modify or supersede the £1m Bonus Prize by announcing the same on the Website as referred to in the relevant Means of Entry.
  2. In respect of the £1m Bonus Prize, TFP’s decision is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome of the £1m bonus prize.




Any amendment to these Rules will be notified online at the Website.  A Customer's continued participation in the Game following such notification shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the amended Rules.