Big Match Preview – Blackburn v Burnley

Big Match Preview – Blackburn v Burnley

The “Cotton Mills Derby” takes place in the League Cup this evening, with more at stake than just a third round place

They first came together in November 1888 at Turf Moor, where Blackburn sealed an impressive 7-1 win and would go on to win 4-2 at Ewood Park the following February.  The heated encounters have sparked one of Football’s fiercest rivalries both on and off the pitch, which have resulted in a series of tit-for-tat pranks over the last 15 or so years.

In the 1990-1991 season, Burnley lost their chance for promotion from Division Four when they were beaten by Torquay in the play-offs. After the match, a light aircraft flew over the ground trailing a banner which read “Staying down forever. Ha ha ha. Love Rovers". Rumour has it that Blackburn striker Simon Garner was involved in the prank which is something he denied, although he did claim to know who was responsible.

Burnley achieved promotion the following season but took revenge off the pitch in 1994 after Blackburn Rovers lost to semi-professional Swedish side Trelleborg FF in the UEFA Cup. It was Blackburn Rovers’ first venture into European football and they were beaten 1-0 at home in the first-leg by a 10-man Trelleborg side tied the game 2-2 in Sweden. Burnley changed a road sign to “twin” Burnley with Trelleborg to rub salt in the wound.

Before their first ever Premier League clash in the 2009-2010 season, Burnley fans sneaked into Ewood Park and dressed a statue of former Rovers owner Jack Walker in the Clarets’ kit.  Rovers had prepared their own wind-up at the match by wearing Owen Coyle masks after the manager’s move to Bolton was viewed as a betrayal to the Burnley elite. Coyle would later become Blackburn manager in June 2016, becoming the first man to have managed both rivals before parting ways in February of this year.

Burnley had sweet revenge in March 2015, when a Rovers fan found that the birthday cake displaying his club’s logo, had sponge inside baring Burnley colours. The cake maker was a Clarets fan and couldn’t resist. The case even made the lofty heights of tv show Judge Rinder and the Blackburn fan was denied compensation for the sabotaged cake.

Back on the pitch and the two sides will meet again in their first ever League Cup clash on Wednesday night. Burnley have won the last three meetings, but their three prior encounters all finished 1-1 and we’ve tipped this as draw in our mid-week Premier 10 competition.


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