Winners' Stories

Winners' Stories

We've been creating winners for over 90 years. Read some of our most favourite stories here!

Here at The Football Pools, we just love creating winners! But what's more, we love delivering the good news ourselves and hearing what our winners have to say about their journey! Here's some of our favourites...

It was a dreary November night when Mr Salmon from Cornwall became £65,000 richer. His numbers came out on a mid-week Lucky Clover draw and when we called to congratulate him the following day, he had no idea he was a winner…“£65,000?!! WOW! I don’t check my numbers so this is a complete shock!”

Mr Salmon went on to tell us that he hasn’t had much luck over the past couple of years. After several family bereavements, he became poorly and is currently undergoing treatment. Describing his win as a “turning point,” he said; “I decided to take early retirement after the incidents of the past few years... This will change everything.”

...And he’s got plans to spoil the latest addition to his family…“I’ve got a new baby granddaughter who I haven’t been able to spend much time with due to the treatment I’ve been receiving, but now I’ll be able to spoil her rotten!”

We really hope this windfall paves the way to better days for Mr Salmon!



Mrs Gibbs’ parents played the Pools for years and when her father passed away last year, she took over their numbers. She sounded elated as she told us her story...

“My mum and dad played the Pools for donkey’s years; I took over their numbers when they passed away and both their anniversaries are coming up. I feel sick, faint, shocked – there is a God above!”

She's planning to spend her winnings on some much-need home improvements including a new bathroom suite and patio doors!



We spoke to one lucky player in July of this year who was absolutely delighted to discover his Pools entry had landed him the lovely sum of £24,416.80. His story is one for the books...

“I survived a 60ft fall in work in 2003 but I was left paralysed and my sister cares for me. By the law of averages, I shouldn’t really be here, I shouldn’t be alive but I’ve battled on and I’ve won... this could pay for me to go and have an operation in America and maybe I’ll be able to walk again...”

"I have never won big before,and I like to believe that my dear loved ones are shining down on me from heaven, or that fate has finally acknowledged my desperate wishes to get on my feet have presented me with the hope of possible things to come. Winning the pools is definitely a Big Dream come true,and I will hold my Gratitude to you forever."

Fingers crossed everything works out well for this lovely man!



A Pools player from Leicester was able to embark upon a double celebration as not only did his beloved football team win the league in a triumphant sporting shock, but he received a surprise of his very own..a telephone call from us to inform him he’d won £101,036.16! Struggling for words, “I’m in shock” was the only response he could muster.

After a few days to digest his good news, we rang the lucky player back. He’d just about recovered from the shock of his doubly remarkable week and told us he’d decided to spend his extra cash on some home renovations.



Mr Jones has been playing the Pools since he left school 35 years ago...having changed his telephone number several times during that period, his contact details were outdated on our systems so when it came to making THAT winning phone call, we couldn’t! So, when Mr Jones’ £25,096.25 cheque landed on his doorstep, he suspected it was an imitation cheque as part of promotional junk mail!

He ran down to the bank that Saturday afternoon to check but, he arrived just 5 minutes after it closing (D’OH!). The morning after, he flew to Tenerife for work purposes, thinking about his £25K cheque the whole time...

Monday morning, he called our offices...”is the cheque genuine?” he asked. Of course, we confirmed it was and Mr Jones’ was over the moon!

He said “it’s came at such a good time; my son is getting married in 6 weeks so I’m going to pay for his honeymoon and give my other soon the cash equivalent. I’ve told my wife she can have the spare £96.25 (haha!)”

Mr Jones’ told us that his wife had also had a win the same weekend; she does the National Lottery and received an exciting email informing her she had won....£2.92! “And it cost her £2!” he said.

We know which win we’d prefer!



Miss Kinder from Ashbourne stumbled upon a little Irish luck in January when her chosen numbers were drawn in the first Irish Lottery game of 2016!

Talking about her £65,000 Lucky Clover win, she said:

“I very rarely check my numbers, so it was the most wonderful surprise to receive a winning phone call. I refused to believe it until the money was in my bank account, and I’m still struggling to believe it now!”

“I plan on sprucing up my home and treating myself to some of life’s little luxuries. I was poorly last year and my friend really looked after me, so it will be lovely to treat them, too!”

If you fancy taking a leaf from the Irish, play Lucky Clover today – you too could turn £1 into £65,000!



The last Australian game of the summer saw Football Pools devotee score £77,361.05.

We rang 77 year old Mr Watkinson to tell him he’d won over £77K and weren’t surprised that he didn’t believe us... But a quick call back to our customer service team confirmed his win and a few moments later, he and his son were celebrating!

Mr Watkinson’s win came from his “lucky line” – a promotion we’ve been running throughout the summer... and it proved to be a very lucky line indeed!

Unsure what he’s going to do with his winnings, a pre-planned weekend in Blackpool will give him some time to mull it over and spend his 78th birthday in style on Sunday!

What a birthday present!



Mr Dilworth from Essex won a whopping £90,608 on his free line numbers on 25th July 2015!

Following in his late father’s footsteps, Mr Dilworth has been playing the Pools for many years - “I remember the Pools collector knocking on our front door for my father’s coupons” he said - “I carried on the tradition and I’m so glad I did. This is surreal.”

Planning to invest some of his extra cash in various property ventures and take a lavish holiday, Mr Dilworth was absolutely ecstatic with his win...

As for it coming from his free line, he thought was nothing short of ironic... “I’ve had my paid line for donkey’s years so it’s just amazing that these random free line numbers have brought me such good luck.”

We’re hoping to hear about Mr Dilworth’s hols later in the year.



Wednesday 15th July witnessed Mr Breen from Cornwall bag £50,000 on the Lucky Clover.

Shortly after receiving his winning phone call, he sent us this email:

"Thank you so much for contacting me regarding my Lucky Clover win. I am absolutely bowled over. I know I’ve been doing the Lucky Clover for quite a while now and I pay by direct debit but I sometimes forget to check my numbers - so this came as a very welcome surprise. It must be my lucky Irish blood!

This money will go a considerable way to helping me move house which I am about to do and give me a little more financial freedom which is very welcomed indeed."

Good luck in your new home, Mr Breen - not that you need it!



In November 2014, Mr Hopkins – a Lucky Clover player from Maidenhead – fell ill and was admitted to hospital where he spent the following 6 weeks under the watchful eyes of doctors. Little did he know that whilst he was poorly, his 5 lucky numbers had come up on the Irish lottery and The Football Pools had sent him a cheque for a whopping £50,000!

6 months later, it came to our attention that the winning cheque sent to Mr Hopkins’ home address had not been cashed. So we picked up the phone to find out why...

Mrs Hopkins, who spoke on her husband’s behalf, was completely bowled over and exclaimed “it must have been misplaced amidst all the turmoil of illness and hospital visits”. But the excitement in her voice soon trailed off as she uttered the words “well, I suppose it [the cheque] has gone forever.”


Of course, we reissued the £50,000 winning cheque and I recently caught up with Mrs Hopkins to find out how the couple are doing since the revelation. Still elated by the news, she described it as “an absolute god-send” and couldn’t thank us enough for following up on their win. “I am now worry-free and able to make some much-needed adjustments to our home in order to provide my husband with the quality of life he needs and deserves which includes purchasing a top-of-the-range shower room” she said.

We are overjoyed that we could help this truly deserving couple and hope they enjoy their future. Here at The Football Pools, we go the extra mile to ensure players can enjoy the winnings they are entitled to!





Last month, Mr Ready from Surrey won a whopping £104,691.40!

Mr Ready has always played the Pools via his local collector but recently switched to Direct Debit. He's had a few small wins in the past but was astounded to hear he had won £104,691.40.... on a FREE game.

“I can’t believe that I have won over £100,000 on a free game. This is such a boost” he said.

Congratulations, Mr Ready!



After a chance conversation with his wife, Mr Francis from the West Midlands landed himself a lovely £22,761.75 in April.

He told us "I know nothing about football. My wife encouraged me to enter after reading her horoscope in newspaper." And isn't he glad she did... His 10 lucky numbers landed him over £20,000 on his first ever Pools bet!

We hope you're going to buy your wife something nice, Mr Francis.



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